Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Tooth Fairy Sucks!

Truth be told, I suck. See, when your kid loses a tooth, then puts said tooth under his pillow, even if they're the smartest kid in the world, they believe wholeheartedly that the Tooth Fairy does exist and will indeed come and magically change said tooth into $$. The problem arises when mommy forgets to "tell the Tooth Fairy" there's a pick-up and said child accidentally brushes the tooth out form under his pillow in the middle of the night, never to be found. Now, said child thinks the Tooth Fairy jipped him and proceeded to write the following letter:
Yup, that's definitely my kid! Not gonna be taken advantage of....gettin' to the bottom of injustice and makin darn sure he can be contacted in the event of the Tooth Fairy owning up to her mistake!~ Gotta admire his forthrightness!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Cinematic Warm Fuzzies

There are 2 movies coming that I simply cannot wait for. One, was a fave childhood book of both myself and Jeremy and the trailer makes the movie, as another blogger blogger put it, "look like how a warm Krispy Kreme tastes." The music alone is enough to induce warm fuzzies. Please to enjoy, Where the Wil Things Are.

The second is just so stunningly beautiful, it makes my warm fuzzies tingle. Melt into a blissful puddle of cinematic beauty: Astro Boy.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

cai-ism for today

cai: comes out long after he should be in bed for the night. "guys, i have a situation with my breath" (pause for dramatic effect) "it's hot when i doos this" (blows on finger)

mommy & daddy: roll on the floor and laugh hysterically

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Some more Floridian Winter for ya...

Have I mentioned how much we love the beach and how I didn't really think I'd miss it this much once we moved further inland? We LOVE the beach! I mean, how could you not when there are super cute old people just laying around, soakin it up and giving in? How cute is he? (No we're not related - he was just some random old dude.)
Cate, if you blow this pic up and look closely, you can see some really nice twist dreads forming quite nicely! Of course I had just done them the day before! Silly me! (I will post better pics of his hair once I get my new beeswax on Thursday - this stuff is CRAZY awesome and works like nothing else!)
Anyone wanna guess how long it took me to get all that sand outta his velcro hair? That was NOT fun!

Cai was practicing being at one with the sand. He stayed in this position for an extraordinary amount of time.
Then decided he would rinse off, but you know how that goes.

Too much sun and fun...
Cai lurvs to throw sand, but Papa reprimanded him for it after he repeatedly hit Phoenix in the back of the head. Phoenix feigned insult and well.....
This pathetic little picture of defeat is what transpired.

Friday, February 27, 2009

SIckle Cell Info

I know that some of my readers have questioned a statement made in my previous post about Sickle Cell being a curable disease here in the States. I should have clarified that statement in that post. I will do so now.

We did not step into this endeavor blindly or going on "my cousin's mother's 3rd aunt's boyfriend has it....." kind of info. We researched extensively: medical journals, consultations with doctors, etc. and found the same information. Sickle Cell is absolutely curable and there are 2 avenues that can be explored. Let me quote directly from the University of Maryland Medical Center: "the only true cure for sickle cell disease is bone marrow or stem cell transplantation. The bone marrow nurtures stem cells, which are early cells that mature into red and white blood cells and platelets. By destroying the sickle cell patient's diseased bone marrow and stem cells and transplanting healthy bone marrow from a genetically-matched donor, normal hemoglobin may be produced."

Now, a stem cell blood transfusion is obviously the more difficult option to work out. Though we don't have her stem cells or even a siblings, there is the possibility to find a close enough match from donated stem cells. This would obviously be the less painful route as this can be handled through a transfusion. The bone marrow transplant, on the other hand, can be quite risky because intense chemotherapy has to be done prior in order to facilitate the acceptance of the bone marrow. There is a new procedure however, that delivers a much less harsh, lower dose of chemo and is a lot less risky to the recipient. You can read about it here.

Once Saraphina comes to the States and can be evaluated by a doctor here, we will be able to come to a better conclusion about the severity of her particular case and whether or not these would be viable options for her. If you or a loved one has Sickle Cell, please research the options. Get educated. This disease does not have to cut lives short or painfully destroy each day you have. There are options and new treatments.

Monday, February 23, 2009

more cai-isms

overheard at the lunch table:

"my boogers are punching me in the nose!"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Poor Cai,

He tries so hard, but he trips himself up more often than not. His best quality is often his greatest downfall - his passion.

Today, he made an impassioned plea to be let off computer restriction.

"Everything to me is bad and good. My brain just won't listen to me." (Punches himself in the head a couple times out of frustration).

This is a typical day with Cai. Sometimes, he's so trapped inside himself and some days he's absolutely bonkers! He loves so deeply and so openly, and when the pendulum swings the other way,he has zero impulse control and that passion turns to angry outbursts.

Still trying to figure out how to best help him. For now, it gives way to priceless "cai-isms."

Hot Winter!

I know many of you who read this blog are shivering in your long johns right now and for that, I am sorry. Hopefully, pictures of our weekend at the beach, in near 90 degree weather will warm you up! Here's the scene: Jensen Beach, Florida. Ocean inlet with a park and fishing pier. Low tide. Early morning. Fiddler and horseshoe crabs. Dolphins. Yes, I said dolphins - playing and chasing their breakfast not too far off the end of the pier. Bar-B-Q. Afternoon fishing. Boys caught enough fish for dinner! Hazaa!